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Kelley Taylor believes life is to be tasted, experienced, tested, improved upon, and loved.  Deeply loved.  That’s why her mantra is Make Life Beautiful. Because she believes where we can, we should.

Her work has been published on-line, and in books, newspapers, magazines. She’s had her share of being interviewed widely on television and radio, and featured in print. But that was ages ago in a former life of DIY decorating and craft, when there were only two national shows on television, when the Towers still stood, and when being a Dummies author actually meant something.

Yeah…it’s been a while.

So now, after taking off a few years to fall apart, raise a kid (still raising), divorce, find herself, distract herself with a toxic relationship (awesome), decorate a few homes, grow a garden, abandon herself and her audience, bury some pets, adopt some new ones, pray, endlessly read books, cry, eat enormous quantities of caramel popcorn and coconut gelato, learn how to pole dance, abandon all hope then start all over again, and again, and again, she’s realized all of this was just a diversion to what she’s been avoiding all along: A call to something more.  And that something scares the holy crap out of her.  But since she’s re-discovered her bravery and inner warrior woman along the way, she’s forging ahead.  Hopefully you’ll come to find out how she’s grown stronger in the broken places.

Because behind the Southern charm,  you’ll find this creative spirit with a style all her own. Honest, flawed, open-hearted, entrepreneurial, and full of stuff she wants to pass along to you, this is where you can begin to find out some of the layers that makes up Kelley Taylor, LLC ventures and more importantly, Kelley the person.

So sign up for updates to see what trouble she can get herself into, or, to join her in a journey of trying again, risking more than she ever has, laugh at her antics, peek into her world, or just say hey.  (Because that’s what Southerners say.  Not “HI”; “HaaaY”.)

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